Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution 2 Game

Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution 2 Game has not yet been developed, but here are a few ideas of what we'd love to see in a sequel to the game. Until this game does spring into existence, why not play one of our Robot games listed below the article.

Ideas for a much-anticipated sequel...

Even Robotic Creatures of Folklore Need a Sequel

You’ve got to give it to the developers at Spiritonin Media Games; they took a bold shot with the Robot Unicorn idea, and the rest is pretty much history. For those unfamiliar with exactly why the three words ‘Robot’, ‘Unicorn’ and ‘Attack’ appear in the same sentence as well as in direct succession, it scarcely needs more explaining than what the title implies: there exists a flash-animated unicorn that happens to be part myth, part equestrian and part machine with which you run endlessly across some challenging terrain whilst being wholly awesome and also trying not to smash into things which results in the end of your turn and – if you managed to rack up a formidable distance -  a few tears of utter sadness that you crashed and burned a few meters before breaking your personal best. Now, the original game in the series offered little variation and the sequels didn’t do much to better this but Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution allowed you to evolve into different animals along the way. What would make Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution 2 even better than its predecessor? Such ideas await your scrutiny below.


Ok, we might as well start with the stating of the insultingly obvious: what made the original Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution such a great game and indeed such a remarkable improvement on the previous titles was not the titular feature of evolution. Specifically, the anticipation of which animal would be next kept us all coming back for round after round of frustrating yet somehow rewarding gameplay. Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution should hit us up with more of the same, and by this I mean more evolution, with some different animals with change of scenery that accompanies each one. We’ve had our classic unicorn, the cute panda, the fierce-looking wolf in the refreshingly snow-capped background of pure white, and even such ridiculous (and this is in the context of robot unicorns) creatures such as sabretooth tigers and dragons. We need even more creatures of even more mind-bending ridiculousness. Why not some water-borne creatures such as sharks or fish? Perhaps we could see a return of our heavy-metal semi-horse of the series’ past? We could even have the music change with each evolution, or at least on a regular basis to keep things fresh.

Get an Iron; I see some Creases

One of the few flaws of the original game was in the motion of the creatures between evolutions. During their transition from one animal to another, any momentum that they had before the change seemed to be instantly sapped out of them when you emerged as your next incarnation. As I mentioned in the review of the original, I cannot tell whether this deceleration is deliberate to challenge the player or whether this is an oversight: either way, it feels like a bug that needs to be ironed out and rectified in the sequel since it can unjustly put an instant end to an otherwise triumphant run.

Quest for Power

In the original, it was only if you played the Facebook version of the game that you were able to access the in-game currency (stardust) in order to purchase power-ups such as the ability to triple-jump or a super-smash to obliterate the solid obstacles that litter the terrain on your journey. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like there is absolutely no reason in Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution 2 to restrict these features to only certain versions of the game. I demand power-ups regardless of the version I am playing. I also demand more variation in the powers as well, such as temporary invincibility where you are unable to die from smashing into any part of the terrain. Perhaps we could have the ability to perform direct vertical jumps to save ourselves from certain death by dropping off the edge, or even the power of foresight that allows us to see some of the terrain coming up ahead? People are always after more power in most contexts, but I think in this case, this is a fairly reasonable request. 

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