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Thing Thing Arena Pro

screenshot of Thing Thing Arena pro game

Arena-based shooters in the flash game world rarely come as prepared to entertain the hell out of the player as the Thing Thing Arena series, and Thing Thing Arena Pro marks a return for the game to fill a gap that fans of the series have been suffering from for years. Blast countless enemies with numerous weapons and fulfil multiple objectives in a multiplicity of levels in what may very well the be best flash-based arena shooter the internet has to offer.

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These Robotic Hearts of Mine

screenshot of these robotic hearts of mine game

Most of us love to read good stories - and by good, we mean the ones that literally tug, pull, yank, and grab our heartstrings until we become a quivering mess of emotions. These games that manage to get us emotionally attached or invested with a story or characters get a nice big spot on our most-recommended list. Whew, and if you managed to read all that while holding your breath, prepare to have it taken away by These Robotic Hearts of Mine.

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Robotic Emergence 2

screenshot of robotic emergence 2 game

For the record, we really hate tug of war battles. You know the sort –the ones that place you in the middle of a fight that gives you no breathers whatsoever. You keep earning resources, keep creating units, upgrading every-which-way possible, and at the end of it all, still find yourself toe-to-toe with the enemy computer. However, there have been plenty of fun games that use the exact same formula. The original Robotic Emergence took this classic setup and delivered with a polish and style that many gamers appreciated (we know we did). With the sequel now out, what is in store for us all?

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Prime and Ready: Autobot Stronghold

screenshot of autobot stronghold game

While we are obviously not big fans of the new reboot movies of Hasbro’s Transformers franchise –which we will now lovingly refer to as the Bayformers trilogy, even we cannot deny the fact that the these three new live actions have certainly brought plenty of attention and fame (or as some would say, infamy) to the franchise. As one would expect, one of the best marketing tie-ins for any franchise is to have a browser game for it. After all, what better way to advertise than have your potential consumers actually play the your ad right?

So now we have got Autobot Stronghold, which is what you get when you cross an LG smart phone with a Transformers logo and then advertise it through a Flash powered, browser base, tower defense game. There is plenty to be said about advertising effectiveness and target markets, or the concept of having to reboot a perfectly good 80’s storyline, but that is besides the point. What matter is the game itself; is it fun? Will fans enjoy it? What is the gameplay like? And we are here to answer those very same questions and more.

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Chrome Wars 2 Arena

screenshot of chrome wars 2 area

Ever smacked a robot squarely on the chin? Well, I hope not, because them things are expensive, but Chrome Wars 2 Arena lets you do it at minimal (read: no) cost and on a repeated basis. Battle 49 robot contenders in a turn-based manner in order to secure yourself as the ultimate master of the robot rumble. 

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Little Wheel

screenshot of little wheel game

It is very rare that you come across a robot game that doesn’t conform to the usual ‘build, battle, repeat’ format. Such games rarely get past my cosmic levels of impatience and genre prejudices. ‘Little Wheel’ chooses not to follow this format, however, and offers a refreshingly pleasant and amusing tumble through the mechanical world of a clumsy robot that must restore power to a once thriving population of artificially-intelligent beings. Point-and-click is the means, problem-solving the method and enjoyment the reward.

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Robot Unicorn Attack

screenshot of robot unicorn attack game

If endless running or distance-based games are your forte, then I suggest you get your gaming gear around Robot Unicorn attack: galloping and hopping from platform to platform, you must survive for as long as possible while smashing through obstacles and trying not to face plant (or horn-plant) into the rapidly-approaching terrain ahead.

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Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal

screenshot of robot unicorn attack heavy metal game

It seems that the common mistake of many distance-based games these days is that they aren't set within the fiery pits of hell and accompanied with a soundtrack of melodic, heavy metal. Thankfully, Robot Unicorn Attack doesn't suffer from a lack of either of these: jump, double-jump, smash and dash your way through Satan's playground as our favourite (and the odds are, our only) robot unicorn explores heaven's antithesis.

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Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution

screenshot of robot unicorn attack: evolution game

Assume control of our favourite robot unicorn once again as you make an infinite dash towards the largest distance you can possibly manage. Distance-based fun with an evolutionary twist awaits.

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Thing Thing 3

screenshot of Thing Thing 3 game

Shoot-em-ups can be difficult to get right, but Thing Thing 3 brings the flash-splashed pain to all who dare to get in your way in this smoothly-animated and moreish shooter.

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Thing Thing 4

screenshot of Thing Thing 4 game

If you're after a side-scrolling shoot-em-up with gratuitous gore and a world of weapons, Thing Thing 4 will be your date for this evening.

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Thing Thing Arena 3

screenshot of Thing Thing Arena 3 game

Balancing the killing of hundreds of enemies whilst simultaneously trying to follow an outrageous storyline concerning your origins and the fate of your character as a biological super-weapon can be quite tiring. Luckily, Thing Thing Arena 3 takes the gameplay of the original Thing Thing series but leaves behind the unnecessary plot-based justification of your character's behaviour so that you can clear your diary for some unadulterated super murder. This is purely a shoot-kill-repeat affair with enough blood and guns to break your brain, but in a good way.

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Zombotron 2

screenshot of zombotron 2 game

Zombies don't stand a chance with Zombotron patrolling the local area. Load up on guns, ammo and the occasional sword in order to fight your way out of this zombie-filled nightmare. The gory headshots are something to behold.

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Robokill 2

screenshot of robokill 2 game

Having crash landed on mars, you are a robot that must fight your way to safety using weapons and upgrades purchased along the way.

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Robotic Emergence 2: Rise of the Humans

screenshot of robotic emergence 2 game

The rise of the machines is a long-imagined occurrence that has been represented in many works of science fiction. The world of flash-animated interactive gameplay fiction is on hand in this case to provide you with high-calibre robot-based tower defense game of simple-yet-entertaining value.

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Scrap Metal Heroes

screenshot of scrap metal heroes game

When machines aren’t out there malfunctioning and being turned off and on again, they’re apparently causing heaps of trouble in Scrap Metal Heroes by charging at each other in waves and battling to the death. Upgrade, accessorise, and customise your robots to battle your way to the top of the world, in the context of fighting with robots made from spare parts, that is, which is a very narrow context. 

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