Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Mobile Game Review for Android & iOS

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

A Crazy, Addictive, Endless Running, Music-Fest

Ridiculous fun would be the best words to describe Robot Unicorn Attack 2. The premise is silly (you control a unicorn and jump around floating platforms while avoiding obstacles), the delivery is done with such gusto and aplomb that you just get drawn into the ride. Indeed, the game does such a convincing job of making players toss logic and common sense out of the window that well within the first few runs of the game, you are thinking about how awesome those flying space seahorse are instead of questioning what they are doing on your game screen.

What is Robot Unicorn Attack 2?

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a mobile game app that serves as a sequel Adult Swim’s original flash game of the same name. The premise has not changed much: the game is an endless runner where players take control of a Unicorn and use its abilities to jump, multi-jump, and dash in order to avoid or break through obstacles. In RUA2, the game is vastly improved with better visuals, a customizable Unicorn, more environments, and best of all, a great choice of music. There is also a bit of online connectivity in the game as well –which allows players to join one of two possible factions and compete for a global goal.

The goal of the game is to get as far in the course as possible –all the while picking up teardrops (which work as currency) and fairies (which add to your score). The course randomizes on a daily basis, so a fair bit of memorization will also help you make better and more efficient runs.

Great Music is not a Money Grab

As a free to play mobile game, it is pretty much expected that RUA2 would have its fair share of paid content. The good part is that nothing you buy will ever compensate for skill –so the best players are not the ones with the most cash forked over, but the ones who can actually play the game with accuracy and consistency. Also, we appreciate the fact that there are no wait times for playing the game or customizing your Unicorn.

Release Date: 25/04/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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What we also like is the fact that the items for sale are totally worth it. This is particularly true of the background music options. You see, the game’s default music is not all that bad, but if you want something that is pretty epic and awesome that manages to live up to the gameplay, then you will definitely want something from the game’s music shop. Most of the stuff there are greats from the 80’s, prominently Stan Bush’s Transformers songs “Dare” and “Touch”, as well as the theme to “Neverending Story”. The rest of the selections are just as awesome and fitting, and you are not forced to buy all the tracks –just the ones you want. And yes, it is pretty hard to beat the feeling of being able to play as a Robot Unicorn while jumping around a lava planet to the tune of 80’s rock classics.

Customize Your Ride

The main replay value in this game comes from being able to customize your Unicorn to look and perform to your liking. Unlike traditional upgrade systems where each piece of gear is ‘better’ than the last, the progression in RUA2 is a little user-oriented. Maybe you like short dashes for greater maneuverability, maybe you like long dashes as a substitute for long jumps –the two options are pretty much equal to one another, and neither is stronger or better, they just fit certain people more. Wings are a cool upgrade since they look amazing and let you fly –but some of us play without them as the lack of flight makes the jumps a lot more predictable and manageable. With this upgrade system, players are not forced to use the most expensive parts, instead, they are free to choose the ones that most aesthetically and functionally please them.

The Verdict: You Should Be Playing This Yesterday

What else is there to say? Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is a great game to play. The fact that it is free makes it highly accessible to any player and the learning curve for the controls is easily passed in a matter of minutes. The visuals are amazing, the music is epic, and the gameplay feels so solid that it has never needed to change any core element since it was released. Sure, appreciating the game’s subtle nods and references to rock culture may be targeted for slightly older players, but even without the novelty of nostalgia, RUA2 will pretty much appeal to anyone.

Rating: 96/100


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Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is developed by Hasbro Inc. Adventure.