Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mobile Game Review for Android & iOS

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Exactly the Game it Sounds Like

Real Steel World Robot Boxing leaves little to the imagination in terms of the gameplay it provides, and it works well that way. If you have seen the movie the game was based on, this straightforwardness is even more appreciable. Besides, watching two robots smash each other up with powerful attacks and crafty maneuvers make for a very satisfying game. Even of you are not a fan of a film, the game still manages to be fun since the combat system makes it a pretty decent mobile fighting game. Despite all the good things however, Real Steel World Robot Boxing does suffer its own share of issues and problems.

What is Real Steel World Robot Boxing?

RSWRB is a pretty long name, but that is what it is: steel robots boxing each other on a world level competition. The film which is based on a Twilight Zone episode by the same guy who wrote the book, “I am Legend”. We are not going to bother discussing the differences between the shorter story and the movie –which are pretty much two completely separate things. But we will say this: the episode is interesting and thought provoking. The film has not much to do with it, but is still an awesome film that is not just fun to watch, but will also have you rooting hard for the protagonists too.

The game, sadly, does not manage to carry the same emotional strength of the movie, but it does manage to deliver quite well on the boxing robots category of things. You get to see all the nice robots from the movie like Twin Cities, Noisy Boy, Metro, and more. Fights are done in a classic boxing ring and the game is fought like a typical 3D fighting game. The floating touchpad lets you control your robot while the attacks are done by pressing buttons on the right side of the screen.

Release Date: 12/09/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Exchanging Blows

Unlike the movie, which focuses on knowing which boxing moves and hits are good to chain together or which ones create openings, the combat in the game is a lot less technical. Most of the battles are simply mad rushes in order to build a special attack meter which in turn, allows you to deal a devastating blow. Simply getting the first full meter is not enough to guarantee a win however, as the special move can actually miss –this means that forcing your opponent to waste their super move attempt is a key part of the game’s strategy.

Battles are well paced, which makes each round in the ring worth focusing on. It is also fun and satisfying to watch your opponent’s life bar trickle down as you lay down a massive beating in the form of metallic uppercuts and powerful jabs. This style of fighting can get pretty repetitive, but fortunately, Real Steel is the kind of game that is easy to put down and pick up. It was clearly not designed to be played for hours on end, instead, you can fight a couple or so matches then come back to it at a later time.

Lack of Customization

As fun as robot fighting can be, this game still lacks one major feature: customization. Robots are pretty much made of parts and pieces and it would have been nice to be able to create one of your own design. While most players would naturally gravitate towards certain builds and parts, the ability to create, modify, and improve your own custom made robot boxer would have been a cool part of the game (after all, much of the movie itself was about the protagonists slowly improving Atom’s abilities and specs).

The Verdict: More Steel to Come

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a fun game based on a good movie, and while it offers a lot in terms of gameplay, it does get to a point where the things you can do start feeling limited. The good news is that finishing the game on its own is already a satisfying experience and playing with different robots gives it a bit of a fresh feeling when you try something new. But if you truly want something different, you should know that there are also other Real Steel games out there.

Rating: 85/100


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Real Steel World Robot Boxing is developed by Reliance Games.