Implosion Never Lose Hope Mobile Game Review for Android & iOS

Implosion Never Lose Hope

Deserves to be a Console Game

It is not often that we find a mobile game that we truly, sincerely, wish had a console port. Implosion: Never Lose Hope is one such game. It has an incredibly well made combat system, the animation is top notch, the character and stage designs are both unique and interesting, and the overall feel of the gameplay is very satisfying. The best part of it all is that this game is pretty much a single-purchase experience that is worth having on your device (provided that you have one of the newer phones or tablets that is).

What is Implosion: Never Lose Hope?

Putting aside all the fancy stuff that goes onscreen, this game is actually a hack-and-slash brawler. The stages are laid out in a linear manner while keeping to the route-style feel of a dungeon crawler. Players take on the role of Jake, one of the few refugees of Earth, and they will make use of a futuristic suit in order to battle aliens. While stage goals have a bit of variety, like defending certain areas or clearing out specific threats, the gameplay revolves around the fun mechanic of killing as many monsters as you can.

The War-Mech is armed with a powerful blade for melee and projectile weaponry, though expect that you will be literally hacking and slashing your way through foes for the greater part of the game. The projectiles work great for dealing damage from afar and for chipping away at boss encounters, but the game’s main focus is on up-close and personal combat.

Fight with a Beat

Taking a cue from the developer’s two previous music games, Deemo and Cytus, the concept of rhythm is still explored in Implosion. While you can obviously mash the attack button for consecutive hits, you will get significantly better results if you practice with precision tapping (this is also why a controller is more suited for the game). If you time your attacks properly, Jake’s combos becomes longer and more devastating, allowing you to deal lots of damage in a shorter amount of time (perfect for smaller enemies), or stringing longer combos on boss type enemies.

Release Date: 08/04/2015

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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It also helps that the action looks amazing and fluid. The way that the blade slices through the air is emphasized by a slight warping effect that gives the player a sense of speed and strength with each strike. The way that the character makes such pronounced movements and the way that the different enemies react when attack also makes it feel like you are really dishing out some serious pain. It goes without saying that the audio is doing an awesome job at making each cut and blow sound absolutely bone-crushing real.

Long Game, Short Bursts

The heavy focus on melee and the game’s relatively combat infested stages makes this the kind of app you turn on, get some action, then put aside for another time. It never gets old. The progression of enemies happens quickly enough to provide a decent challenge once you have played enough to understand the basic combat system (no jumps, use dodge roll, and learn to chain combos). Since the action gets furious, you will want that occasional break in between. Of course, for those moments that your blood is just asking for more, there’s the comforting fact that the stages are not too long and ‘just finishing one more’ will not eat up the rest of your break time.

The Verdict: Justified Purchase

Price wise, Implosion: Never Lose Hope is not on the same cost bracket as the rest of the time sinks and IAP laden games you would normally find on the app store, but then again, the game itself is a league beyond that. So yes, if you love great action games and have a heart for good combat mechanics, then this game is totally worth having. We do suggest investing in a controller to fully enjoy Implosion, but even without it, the game’s touch screen controls do a fine job of delivering good combat. Add in the great visuals, amazing music, and the beautiful artwork that appears in the narrative sequences, and you get a game that is certainly worthy of a console release.

Rating: 92/100


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Implosion Never Lose Hope is developed by Rayark International Limited .

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